About Us

Zeal X (Pvt) Ltd is a Company ventured into several streams of products and service with its primary focus on high quality security printed solutions. The product range offered is of a wide spectrum varying from basic hologram solutions to patented uncopiable QR solutions on different types of material such as paper, cloth, aluminium foil, etc.

Security printed certificates, labels, stickers, vouchers, wrist bands, and many more are part of our product portfolio which are catered to meet customer expectations with customizable designs.

We at Zeal X believe that our customer centric approach has created great reputation and reliability among our valued customers since our inception which we strive to maintain and improve as part of our mission. Experience our friendly, genuine service with smooth processing throughout and guaranteed high quality products and services.

We have also ventured into several areas as a Company in the trading business in the line of import, export and training services.

Our latest venture is Blue Water Bridal Studio, a luxury beauty salon in Negombo. In partnership with renowned beauticians in the country we aim to take care of not only bridal dressing but the entire planning of your special day. The salon also provides a range of hair and beauty services at a prime location in the heart of Negombo.